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The Practice has very strict guidelines on confidentiality. Records are kept regarding to your health and any care that you receive. These are both computer and paper records. Staff only consult these in relation to their work. Information can only be released to third parties with your written consent. This includes members of your family. Click on the Link below for further information.








Chaperoning Policy


As part of your consultation, the doctor or nurse may need to examine you. This purpose of this examination will be in order that we can reach a diagnosis, and decide on the best way of managing your problem. We understand that this may cause some people embarrasment, but we assure you that any examination undertaken will be absolutely necessary and in your best interests.


To try to minimise the potential embarrassment, we operate a chaparone policy that is approved by St. Helens CCG


The doctor or nurse will not examine you without your permission.  If you do not wish to be examined, or wish the examination to be deferred, then please let the doctor / nurse know. If you are unclear about the purpose of the examination, or would like your examination to be carried out by a male or female doctor, then please let the doctor or nurse know.


If you wish a friend / relative or another member of our staff to be present during your examination, then please let the doctor / nurse know. The doctor or nurse will offer you a chaparone for some more intimate examinations. He or she may need another doctor or nurse to be present for his or her protection, or merely to assist in the examination. Please let the doctor or nurse know if you object to this.


We aim to treat all our patients with respect and maintain their dignity at all times. We adhere to this policy so that un-toward incidents do not occur.


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