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To ensure that patients are treated as close to their home as possible, we perform Electrocardiograms (ECGs) at the surgery. The doctor or nurse will refer you for this and make you an appointment with the nurse or healthcare assistant who will perform the ECG. The readings are then transferred to a specialist centre who will interpret the ECG and a report sent to your doctor.



Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Some patients can find attending the GP surgery stressful and this can on occasion cause their blood pressure to go up. This phenomenon is known as "White Coat Hypertension". To ensure that our patients are diagnosed correctly the doctor or nurse may want to monitor your blood pressure away from the surgery. They will do this by letting you borrow a blood pressure monitor so that you can monitor your blood pressure at home and bring us your readings so that we can calculate an average of these. Alternatively, we also have blood pressure monitors that wil monitor your blood pressure automatically over a period of 24 hours and the information is downloaded onto the computer which will analyse the data and provide an average for us.



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